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Biodynamic/Organic Beef

Biodynamic, Organic Beef in Melbourne

Rendinas Butchery is a proud supplier of Australian grown, grass-fed biodynamic beef in Melbourne. Naturally grazed and raised, our beef is rich in flavour and very tender. At our butchery, you can rest assured the organic beef we supply comes from local Australian farms where the animals are free to roam in pastures. Our online and in-store assortment ranges from eye fillet and topside roast to superior burgers and snags. With a large selection of products and cuts of organic beef, Melbourne shoppers will feel spoiled for choice. Shop our range online and receive your order straight to your door.

Proudly Supporting Victorian Farms

We understand the importance of providing organic beef Melbourne locals can feel good about buying. At our butchery, all of our produce is supplied from local farms around Victoria. We feel good about supporting local farmers and believe that it has direct benefits for our economy. We are committed to ensuring high welfare standards and the ethical treatment of animals in the farms we work with. Through our close relationships with local farms, we can continue to guarantee the quality and care of the animals that are growing there.

Local Melbourne Delivery

Our naturally raised, grass-fed beef products are available online with local delivery. With a full range of options, you’ll be able to create a hearty, organic meal for your family without stepping foot in a grocery store. Our entire selection is certified biodynamic so that you can rest easy knowing you’re feeding them only the good stuff. Within our range of organic beef, Melbourne favourites include rump steaks and topside mince. Get in touch today to make your next online order of quality, grass-fed organic beef products.

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