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Why Rendinas

Why Rendinas

What does Bio-Dynamic mean?

Bio-dynamic means the animals have been grazed in a clean, chemical free environment. This is reflected in the meats superior taste and smell. Meat tenderness can also be attributed to Bio-dynamic and Organic meat as humane slaughtering treatment is guaranteed. Each and every animal is protected from any stressful conditions. Bio-dynamic adopts the principle of working in harmony with nature based on the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (1861). This method of farming creates balance and healing in the soil,whilst providing a healthy living and breathing environment for plants and animals.

Why Should I choose Bio-Dynamic?

A Bio-dynamic lifestyle guarantees  products are free from growth hormones and antibiotics. This minimises any negative effect on the hormone systems in our bodies.

What makes the nutritional value better going Bio-Dynamic?

There are much higher levels of vitamins and minerals present in Bio-dynamic meats. No chemicals means we are consuming meat that remains in its natural condition helping to fight food allergies.

How is Bio-dynamic better for my family?

Good soil nutrition is responsible for bettering levels of antioxidants which are critical to human health. Antioxidants are immune boosters that keep free radicals at bay.

What Does a bio-dynamic certification mean?

Here at Rendinas, we take our bio-dynamic retailer certification seriously and have done since 2001. Committed to animal welfare and humane management practices, all of our meats are sourced from certified Bio-Dynamic and Organic farmers. There are no chemicals or chemical fertilizers used in the process of breeding and raising all cattle, lamb, chicken and pork. All certified livestock is Australian raised, treated humanely and provided with a comfortable, stress free environment. Our priority is delivering quality chemical free product for our customers to enjoy.

* Using homeopathic solution. ** The use of cages is not permitted.

*** All farms and certified suppliers are monitored closely to ensure correct procedures are being followed.

What does Free-Range mean?

Free-range is something that is kept or produced in natural conditions. Some free-range products also promote the non-use of hormones and chemicals, and use feeds such as corn, maize and barley. Although they do not use certified organic feed, some free-range farms can guarantee a healthy and stress free environment.

 What does Organic mean?

Anything that is organic, has not used or been grown with any artificial fertilisers or pesticides. An organic farm is developed natural and gradual, free from any chemicals. Animals are not fed any growth hormones and are kept in natural, stress free environments. All certified Organic/Biodynamic farms and businesses are audited regularly to ensure the compliance of specified guidelines and methods.

What are the major benefits of consuming Grass Fed Meats?

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is naturally occurring in animals and is a good fat. From GRASS FED certified biodynamic beef and Lamb, CLA is 600% more effective at fighting cancer.
  • It contains higher levels of essential fatty acids.
  • Eating Grass fed means you are receiving higher levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.
  • Its has 75% higher levels of Omega 3 which is helpful in fighting against heart disease.
  • It is cleaner, as it is feeding of certified soil that has not been contaminated with artificial fertilizers; therefore, the consumer is less exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • It is treated more humanely.

"Your clean food specialist"

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