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Awarded “Encouragement Award – Organic Specialist Store Victoria”
National Organic Week, 2011. View certificate

Awarded “Best Organic Specialist Store Industry Award Victoria.”
National Organic Week, 2010. View certificate

“You will not be disappointed with anything you buy here, as the organic and biodynamic meats are of the very best quality. You will also find a small but excellent selection of fish, farmhouse cheese and organic wine.” Good Foodies Guide 2011

“The biodynamic range of meats is top class: the quality of sausages, prosciutto and other smallgoods is exceptional.” Epicure, The Age

“It was the awesome display of sausages that first caught our eye… Smallgoods are a specialty here, we must mention the homemade salami – it’s flavoured with sweet paprika and is one of the best we have ever tasted.” Foodies Guide to Melbourne 2003

“First Melbourne Enviromeat Accredited Supplier 05″ Environmentally Friendly meat marketing, Gippsland EMS news 2005

Healthy Interest. “North Balwyn Butcher Ralph Rendina was keen to have enviromeat in his range” The Weekly Times 2006

“Available at Rendinas Butchery, environmentally friendly meat (labelled Enviromeat) is meat with scruples. The meat Graded to Meat Standards Australia (MSA) specifications is a premium product” The Age Epicure 2006

Voted one of the top five butchers. “A biodynamic and Organic Butcher, Rendinas also has a wide selection of smallgoods, including hams from various breeds of pigs. We tried a great meat pie, which had a generous meaty filling and light, flaky pastry.” Age Epicure, May 2007

Review: “You could drive across town for the Italian pork & fennel sausage sold here. But the biodynamic range of other meats is also top class: the range of sausages, prosciutto and other smallgoods and exceptional homemade salami.” Eat and Drink, food outlets guide.

“Rendinas specialises in organic and biodynamic meats. Lucky eastern suburb residents, having this wonderful shop so close.” Good Foodies Guide 2008

“Rendinas Butchery is one of the best in this field. They have an extensive range of beef, chicken, lamb and smallgoods to choose from – everything from dry aged rump to lamb racks… The lean chicken sausage flavoured with a hint of sea salt and pepper is a beauty.” The foodies Guide to Melbourne 2009 

This Butcher uses only certified biodynamic beef and lamb from Victorian farms. All sausages are made on the premises and are gluten free. Top flavours include honey lamb and rosemary, Italian pork and fennel. Their array of smallgoods is mouth-watering. The Age, 2010. Foodies

Best Shopping spot for lamb. “The lamb at Rendinas is so popular with customers concerned about food ethics.” The Herald Sun 2010

Best Supplier of Rare breed pork and beef. Make mine Rare, Epicure 2005

Featured in “time to throw another one on the barbie”. Voted one of the best, specialising in organic and biodynamic meats. Best Buy: Biodynamic round steak. Age Epicure 2009

"Your clean food specialist"

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