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Biodynamic/Organic Lamb

Biodynamic, Organic Lamb in Melbourne

At Rendinas Butchery, you’ll find superior cuts of organic Australian meat. We sell only top-quality meats and our grass-fed lamb is ethically sourced and pasture grazed. We’re proud to support our local farmers, with all of our meat coming from Australian farms. Whether you’re looking for some tasty chops for a weekend barbeque or you’re hosting a big family dinner with a bone-in lamb leg, we’ve got you covered with excellent cuts. Our hand-selected biodynamic meats are guaranteed to set your mouth watering. Browse our selection in-store or online for delivery of organic lamb Melbourne wide.

Free Range Lamb

We understand the importance of providing organic lamb Melbourne locals can feel good about serving. All of our products are supplied from local farms that pasture graze their animals. The animals are grazed in an environment that is free of chemicals and hormones. We have dependable relationships with our farmers who we trust to care for and pasture graze their animals and provide high standards of production for free-range meat. We believe that not only does this allow for the ethical treatment of animals, but it also produces superior quality meat with a fuller flavour.

Doorstep Delivery in Melbourne

With delivery to your doorstep, you can have hearty, organic lamb any night of the week. In order to offer the most efficient and convenient service for our customers, we offer delivery options for any online or phone order. Whether you forgot to pick something up for dinner, or you’re trying to avoid long lines at the grocery store, we’ve got you covered. Our entire range of organic lamb products from juicy cutlets to succulent forequarter roasts are available for home delivery. Place your order today for delivery of organic lamb in Melbourne.

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